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Pawling New York

County: Putnam
Population: 7,521
Area: 45 Square Miles
Government: Supervisor & Town Council
Distance to Major Cities:
Hartford: 79.2 Miles
Boston: 179.7 Miles
New York City: 72.2 Miles

Town residents enjoy the oldest municipality owned golf course in America, a dozen tennis courts, two lakes, over 300 acres of parkland. The Great Swamp, Appalachian Trail and Nature Conservancy offer wonderful activities to outdoor enthusiasts. In a community steeped in history, dozens of volunteer organizations provide everything from tours of Washington's headquarters to a staffed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.


Pawling is a town whose history weaves a rich tapestry. From the early 18th century when Quaker settlers purchased the land known as "The Oblong," to the Army Air Corp Convalescent hospital created from the Pawling School and Green Mountain Lakes Camp during World War II, Pawling has been the center of important historic events. Because of inaccurate land surveying and allocating of land, the exact border between New York and Connecticut, had been under dispute until the early part of the 18th century. Connecticut received the panhandle in the southwest corner of the state, and New York received an equivalent area measuring 2 miles by 60 miles along its eastern edge, "The Oblong." The Oblong was not part of any patent and true title to the land could be purchased by anyone. Quakers settled this land between 1730 and 1750 and formed the Oblong Meeting House in 1742. In 1767 the Quakers of the Oblong Friends Meeting abolished slavery, almost 100 years before Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. They reasoned that, since God is in every person, they could not enslave God. They used a similar logic when they chose not to fight on either side during the American Revolution. This did not stop the war from coming to Pawling. Their meetinghouse was commandeered as a hospital that cared for soldiers accidentally injured at the encampment at Purgatory Hill. In the fall of 1778, Washington spent two months here with his headquarters at the John Kane house.

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