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Redding Connecticut

County: Fairfield
Population: 8,659
Area: 32 Square Miles
Government: Board of Selectman & Town Meeting
Distance to Major Cities:
Hartford: 48 Miles
Boston: 141 Miles
New York City: 53 Miles


In the early 1700s, Redding, Connecticut, was home to an Indian village whose leader was named Chickens Warrups. In 1714, John Read, the first white man to settle in Redding (which was then part of Fairfield), claimed 500 acres to set up a homestead for his wife and children. Lonetown Manor, as Read's home was called, soon became the center of a busy and populous farm settlement, and a number of mills and other enterprises associated with farmer's needs soon took root.

Col. John Read

Although the elder John Read moved to Boston in 1722, his son, Col. John Read, took over administration of Lonetown Manor. In 1767, the Connecticut General Assembly incorporated the Town as Redding, which had less than 1,000 inhabitants.

Mark Twain, a prominent Redding resident of a century ago, is still honored for helping establish the town’s public library, known today as the Mark Twain Library

There are also two state parks in Redding: Putnam Memorial Park and Huntington State Park.

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